Daufuskie Island Foundation

Preserving our Culture.  Protecting our Land.  Securing our Future.

The Tax Relief Fund (TRF) was established to give assistance to Daufuskie Native families that are struggling to pay their property taxes. For years, African American families have been losing their property due to a combination of rising taxes, taxes not being paid following the deaths of the key tax payers, encroachment on land by newcomers, unfair higher taxation, family disputes, and the list goes on and on. The Daufuskie Island Foundation (DIF) has now taken on the task of raising funds to assist these families. DIF has established a partnership with the Center for Preservation of Heirs Property to conduct workshops to educate our families on the importance of making wills, understanding the laws surrounding Heirs property and the importance of encouraging families to work together to preserve our sacred land that has been in our families since emancipation. We are also working with the forestry arm of the Center to find ways we can sell timber off our land to aid sustainability of holding on to our land.

As we raise funds, DIF will identify families that need assistance and will assist these families based upon the amount of funds that we take in. DIF is working to develop a strong TRF “Sustainability Fund” to annually aid our families so that our land will be sustained for generations to come.